Hello all!

If you are reading this, it seems you have somehow gotten lost and clicked a couple of wrong buttons. But, while you are here, you may as well stay and read about this site, who I am, and why it matters.

Positivity | Strategic | Woo | Includer | Developer

I am a current out-of-state student pursuing a Dual Degree PharmD/MBA at the University of Florida. I focus my involvement and efforts with intentionality, inclusivity, and depth. I have an extreme care and love for individualizing patient care. My values are centered around self-worth and connectedness. Through writing, I enjoy reflecting on my past and creating a vision for my future. I strive to positively impact my own sphere of influence while instilling an unique perspective to any individual I interact with. 

As an aspiring leader in pharmacy, I seek out opportunities to achieve diversity in experience, perspective, and knowledge.

Get to know me more through my writing pieces, my social media, and simply by reaching out :)

Instagram: jack_guerci

Facebook: Jack Guerci

Email: j_guerci@yahoo.com ; jacchr415@ufl.edu